After a long wait, Buy Maplestory Mesos's English-language house page has been launched by Nexon America and is expected to begin testing this year.

Earlier, due to the unfavorable performance in the Chinese and Korean markets, the match's western launch has been at risk.

For this new version, the images of this game was altered from 2D angle to corner angle. 3D top-down look with animations and characters made in cute chibi style.

Maple Story 2 will keep players away from the little, brief, mischievous and lovely characters. On the flip side, the game features high interactive community such as climbing, swimmingpool, PvP, cab, travel ...

In the method of playing, gamers can be destroyed environment as you like.

According to the most recent info, MS Mesos will block Asia's IP range, such as Vietnam and the area. Hence, the Vietnamese players who want to explore the game together with all the English version will certainly encounter more difficulties than normal.